Contour Autocraft

After 42 years of involvement in restoring amd making new bodies and panels for the Jaguar XK range, Contour have made the decision to discontinue supplying these parts in order to focus on other areas of the business.

We hold drawings, patterns, jigs and tooling to produce panels for every model of Jaguar XK produced from 1950 to 1961. This represents 42 years of continuous development – enabling us to supply panels of the highest standard of fit and finish available.

We are selling the above with our complete stock of materials, finished parts and original second-hand parts for the sum of £160,000.

We can offer a buyer training in the use of the above and ongoing support where needed.

Stage 1

Foundation Course

This course is an introduction to the principles of complex double-curvature sheet metalwork and will give you the confidence to tackle repair work and form and butt-weld double-curvature panels.

Stage 2

Construction Course

This course covers the principles and practise of designing, making and use of patterns, jigs and tooling for the manufacture and restoration of complex sheet metal panels.

Amazing course, I think I have found what I am on this planet for, thank you.
Simon Lewis
Excellent course, great instruction from real professionals – thank you.
Denis Mckee
It's the best course I have done so far.
Soren Jansson