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Welcome to Contour Autocraft

Contour's founder Iain Macleod started work in 1953 with A.E. Smith & Son, coachbuilders of Kettering, Northamptonshire. In those days, many special-purpose vehicles were built by such firms using traditional coachbuilding methods. This is where Iain began to learn his craft.

In the mid-Sixties Iain found that an increasing amount of his time was spent on modern accident repair and panel-making for historic vehicles. This prompted him to set up Contour Autocraft in 1976 specialising in historic car body manufacture and repair.

Realising that there was a substantial market for XK Jaguar body panels as they were no longer available from the factory, he began to specialise in that marque. Bruce Macleod joined his father Iain in 1979 and was trained by him, eventually becoming an equal partner. Together they have gained comprehensive experience in all aspects of car body construction.

Today, Contour Autocraft still makes Jaguar XK panels to order and provides low-volume panel production for the classic car, kit car and specialist automotive markets.